Second post! This one will be of a different kind from the previous one… a culinary one! Actually I am inspired by something I cooked in these days – and that I absolutely like (and yes, the dish in the picture is the one that I actually cooked)!

So, I hope you will forgive me if my first post is about something typical Italian but not Neapolitan, and actually typical of Northern Italy, namely Milan. What I’m talking about? Risotto with saffron, of course… what else? I thought of describing how I do it, so you can try it and let me know if you like it.

The ingredients for 2 people are the following:

  • 1/5 liter of broth
  • ¬†half of a 0.05-gr. sachet of saffron pistils
  • 40 gr. of butter
  • 1/2 onion
  • 200 gr. of rice for risotto (or Arborio rice)
  • 1/2 glass of white wine
  • Parmigiano
  • Pepper

General tip: don’t add any salt to anything, because the broth is already salty by itself and will make the rice salty enough. If you want to make sure about the salt, try the rice slightly before it’s ready, and if needed you can eventually add salt. Now to the preparation:

First prepare the broth, warming the water in a casserole and melting a stock cube in it. In this broth you should then melt the saffron. Tip: once boiled, you can lower the flame but you shouldn’t turn it off, because a cool broth will make it more difficult to cook the rice.

In the meantime, in another casserole, you should melt the butter and then put the finely chopped 1/2 onion in it. Keep the casserole on a middle to low flame, otherwise the butter and the onions will get sort of burnt.

Once the onions have got golden, in the same casserole, put the rice and stir it until it absorbs the butter.

After that, pour the wine on the rice and stir until all the liquid has evaporated or absorbed – beware of the eventual fumes that will be produced. Tip: the wine shouldn’t be cold, otherwise it could make it more difficult to cook the rice. You can take it out slightly before you start preparing the risotto.

Once done, start cooking the rice with the broth – this is an important step to make the rice as flavourful as possible. What you should do is put a little broth on the rice until it gets absorbed, and then add more broth and make it absorb and so on, continuing adding and absorbing the broth until the rice is done. Keep the flame on a low-to-middle temperature, because if it’s too warm the broth will be absorbed too rapidly and the rice won’t have time to get cooked.

In the end you can add grated Parmigiano and pepper, in the quantity that you wish. And then: buon appetito!

If you try it guys, let me know how it turned out and how you liked it. I’m eager to hear from you! Hope to see you soon! Ciao ciao!

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