Some more classic Neapolitan songs

Hi my lovely dears! This post will be about some more of my favourite classic Neapolitan songs. In a previous article I talked about my (personal) top four as far as classic Neapolitan songs are concerned. Here I talk about some more songs that are part of the traditional Neapolitan repertoire and I particularly like.

Italian proverbs, part 5

Hi my lovely dears! This blog post is the fifth in my series of articles on Italian proverbs. As in the previous ones, I will go through some Italian proverbs in alphabetical order, one proverb per letter. For each proverb, I’ll give the English translation, including the English equivalent of the proverb (when available), and […]

Italian proverbs, part 2

Welcome to today’s post my lovely dears! Proverbs tell much about the mentality of a people and can be a good way to practice the language, too. Not long ago, I’ve started a series of posts on Italian proverbs. This is the second one, again offering a proverb for (almost) every letter of the alphabet. […]