Speak Italian with Arianna 9 – Days and months

New Italian tutorial just published online! This one is on the names of days of the week and of the months of the year. Hope you’ll enjoy! Please give a thumb up to the video if you like it, or subscribe to my channel if you like my tutorials, and feel free to post comments […]

Speak Italian with Arianna 7 – Puoi ripetere, per favore?

In this tutorial I talk about some expressions that can be useful if you don’t speak a language perfectly yet, such as asking somebody to repeat something or to speak more slowly, or saying that you don’t understand something.

Speak Italian with Arianna 5 – Avere (to have) and more

In this tutorial I talk about the verb “avere” (to have), its conjugation in the present and its uses, amongst which I go in detail explaining how to tell your age and expressions like “I am cold”, “I am warm”, “I am hungry”, “I am thirsty”, “I am sleepy”.

Speak Italian with Arianna 1 – Greetings

In this tutorial I explain how we greet people in Italy. The terms “buongiorno”, “buonasera”, and “ciao”, among others, will all be discussed. The opening and closing music is an original rendition of “‘O Sole Mio” (1898) by Giovanni Capurro (lyrics) and Eduardo di Capua (music). The image used in the opening titles is a […]