Italian poetry with Arianna – Donna

In this video I talk about the poem Donna (Woman), by Umberto Saba.

Here’s the text:

giovinetta pungevi
come una mora di macchia. Anche il piede
t’era un’arma, o selvaggia.

Eri difficile a prendere.
giovane, ancora
sei bella. I segni
degli anni, quelli del dolore, legano
l’anime nostre, una ne fanno. E dietro
i capelli nerissimi che avvolgo
alle mie dita, più non temo il piccolo
bianco puntuto orecchio demoniaco.

I hope you enjoy it, and to see you soon on this blog. Ciao ciao!

Italian proverbs, part 2

Welcome to today’s post my lovely dears!
Proverbs tell much about the mentality of a people and can be a good way to practice the language, too. Not long ago, I’ve started a series of posts on Italian proverbs. This is the second one, again offering a proverb for (almost) every letter of the alphabet. You can also read my first post on Italian proverbs. Ready? Let’s start!

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