Vedi Napoli e poi…enjoy it! Part 2- Herculaneum

This is my second post on beautiful things to see in Naples; this time I write about something very archaeological. Indeed, the topic today is the archaeological site of Herculaneum (Ercolano in Italian), near Naples, and I have attached the first of two videos based on photos that I took at the site.

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Sunset at Cape Sounion

This is a short video that I just posted on YouTube, with pictures I took at the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, in southern Attica (the region of Athens), during sunset. It is just magical, so I really wished to share the experience with you, though seen in person it is way more impressive.

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Speak Italian with Arianna 7 – Puoi ripetere, per favore?

In this tutorial I talk about some expressions that can be useful if you don’t speak a language perfectly yet, such as asking somebody to repeat something or to speak more slowly, or saying that you don’t understand something.

Buon appetito! Risotto with saffron

Second post! This one will be of a different kind from the previous one… a culinary one! Actually I am inspired by something I cooked in these days – and that I absolutely like (and yes, the dish in the picture is the one that I actually cooked)!

So, I hope you will forgive me if my first post is about something typical Italian but not Neapolitan, and actually typical of Northern Italy, namely Milan. What I’m talking about? Risotto with saffron, of course… what else? I thought of describing how I do it, so you can try it and let me know if you like it.

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Vedi Napoli e poi… enjoy it! Part 1 – I Decumani

This is the first post on my blog; I’m so excited! As you can see on my About page, I’m from Naples. My city is famous, of course (!), for the pizza and for the songs and for the Vesuvius, and also for the many problems that, as in every big city, you can face there.

But there’s way more to it than this, Naples is a city with a long, uninterrupted history dating back to the ancient Greeks, and I want to show you the beautiful monuments and cultural stuff that you can visit there.

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Speak Italian with Arianna 5 – Avere (to have) and more

In this tutorial I talk about the verb “avere” (to have), its conjugation in the present and its uses, amongst which I go in detail explaining how to tell your age and expressions like “I am cold”, “I am warm”, “I am hungry”, “I am thirsty”, “I am sleepy”.