This is a short video that I just posted on YouTube, with pictures I took at the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, in southern Attica (the region of Athens), during sunset. It is just magical, so I really wished to share the experience with you, though seen in person it is way more impressive.

Shades of the yellow and brown from the soil and its vegetation, of the red and purple of the sky at sunset, of the blue and green of the sea, of the grey of the rocks mix in such a perfect way that seem come out of a perfect superhuman painting. It actually comes as no surprise that the ancient Greeks decided to build there a temple dedicated to the god of the sea!

In Greek myth, Cape Sounion is the place where Aegeus threw himself in the sea, which was then named after him, seeing the black sail on the boat of Theseus, who was returning from Crete after having killed the Minotaur in Knossos.

A first temple of Poseidon, in tufa, was actually built in the 8th century BC, but it was probably destroyed during the Persian Wars. The temple in marble, still visible, was then built around 440 BC.

It is a temple following the Doric order, with a portico of six columns (hexastyle type), and a colonnade of in total 42 columns, more or less six meters tall and one meter wide, all around its four sides.

Finally, it should be mentioned that a temple to the goddess Athena, of which only the foundations remain, was also built on this location.

Enjoy the video and let me know your comments! Ciao ciao!


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