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This post will be about something very common in Italy and very typical of Italian culture, namely what we call sagra.

A sagra (plural: sagre) is a local festival, celebrated mostly in small villages and mostly in internal zones. They are held yearly to commemorate a historical event, a religious event, or to promote a typical local product.

Usually they include stands where you can buy food made from local products (including dishes with pasta, meat dishes, sandwiches and pastries) and drinks (mostly soft drinks and wine), and big tables where you can sit (if it is crowded, you’ll probably share the table with people you don’t know).

Often, musical entertainment is offered, with groups playing and singing folk music. There will usually be folk dances (like the tammurriata or the tarantella), too.

Sometimes, and mostly when a historical event is commemorated, there is a parade with people in costumes and also a palio (plural: pali), in other words races on horses o donkeys (see below) with people in costumes.

Below are pictures I took at the Palio del ciuccio, a festival held towards the middle of August to commemorate the history of the village and whose main points are a very nice parade in costumes and also a race on donkeys.

Palio dl ciuccio a Cuccaro Vetere

Palio del ciuccio a Cuccaro Vetere

Palio del ciuccio a Cuccaro Vetere

Palio del ciuccio a Cuccaro Vetere

Palio del ciuccio a Cuccaro Vetere

To conclude, here are some useful links where you can find which festivals are organized, when and where.

1: Here you can select the locations where festivals are organized.

2: Posts on festivals that are currently going on (and you can also find festivals by selecting the region and/or the province and the month of your interest, or a keyword).

3: And on this website you can select the location (again the region and the province), the month and/or the kind of festival of your interest.

So, make sure to visit a sagra if you happen to be in Italy, it will be fun! Or have you been to a sagra? If so, I would like to hear your experience, and I hope to see you soon on this blog!

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